Clogged Drains: Hair as One of the Leading Causes

    Clogged Drains: Hair as One of the Leading Causes

    Hair in clogged drain

    Hair Is a Leading Cause In Clogged Drains

    We have all experienced the warning signs of a clogged drain: water pooling around your feet in the shower, going down the drain at a snail's pace, or even funny gurggling noises. And if you are unlucky enough, the smell it starts to omit after some time. Not quite the aroma you would like around your dwellings. These are typically the classic signs of a clogged drain. You may want to resolve the issue sooner than later as it can lead to a much more serious problem: a burst pipe!

    Main Reasons For Clogged Drains in Toronto

    Plenty of people are under the impression that the biggest cause of clogged drains in Toronto is food. While it may be true for kitchen drains, where food debries are a daily occurence, hair is actually the main overall cause of clogged drains, simply because of the following reaons:

    • Opportunity: Most households contain one kitchen drain, which is where food clogs could develop. On the other hand, the average household in Toronto has at least 3 bathroom drains (sinks, showers/baths). That means you can easily end up pulling hair clogs from 3 or 4 drain pipes. That is a lot! Additionally it is not unheard of toilet blockages due to hair being disposed there.
    • Nature: the natural tendency of human hair is to tangle and create tenacious, enourmous knots and blobs, as it is well know all who have let their haor grow long enough. As it falls down a drain, it catches itself on the plug, or grait, and waits there for "reinforcements" to arrive, a.k.a. more hair! As more hair is deposited, it starts to knot, and before you know it, you're dealing with a blob that requires to be pulled out of the drain with a hook or tweezers.
    • Sheer Numbers: there is just so much of it! That is perhaps its biggest advantage as a drain clogging material. Almost everyone has hair on their heads and it constantly falling out and being replenished. Taking a shower, having a bath, brushing the hair over a sink, shaving, trimming your beard or cutting off split ends, it all contributes to hair ending down the drain.

    Prevention Of Clogged Drain

    What can we do , as homeowners, to prevent a clogged drain? Actually, several things such as:

    • Installation of sink guards to catch hair before it heads down a drain
    • Never clean your brushes and combs and drop the contents in a toilet
    • Don't wait for clogs to develop before removing hair from a drain
    • Avoid brushing or combing your hair in the shower, bath or sink

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